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DIY Snakes and Ladders

Recreate one of Steven's favourite childhood games Snakes and Ladders with this great DIY version that would fit in any kid's room perfectly. This oversized game board doubles as a protective playing mat or crafting area for your kids, and all you have to do to recreate it is follow a few simple steps.

DIY Snakes and Ladders

1. Start by purchasing some white iron on transfer paper for white t-shirts from an office supply store and a drop cloth from the hardware store.

2. Next, download the game board pieces here (right-click on the link and "save link as" to download to your computer) and print them on your transfer paper; you will need 25 sheets.

3. Lay them out face down (download our game board template to help you keep organized here) and iron on your transfer sheets as per their instructions. This process may take two to three minutes per page, but is absolutely worth it!

4. Let cool, and peel back the iron on paper to reveal your game pieces.

5. We purchased snakes from the dollar store and created ladders using dowel and twine, but use your imagination here — this is meant to be fun. Finally, use plush toys and fuzzy dice for a youthful twist on the original board game!

DIY Snakes and Ladders


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