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Romantic DIY Gifts


Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with good friends or your significant other, these DIYs are sure to put a smile on the face of your special someone.

For the Kids: I Love You S'More Than Chocolate

I Love You S'More Than Chocolate

Here we placed four graham crackers, two pieces of chocolate and two marshmallows into a simple cellophane bag. Tie it with a bow and let your kids give them to all their school mates. This is a really fun treat for kids of any age.

A Bouquet of Marshmallows

A Bouquet of Marshmallows

This project is slightly more involved, but the results are spectacularly sweet.

  1. Dip a marshmallow in thin icing sugar and roll in pink sprinkles.
  2. Add a touch of icing sugar to the top of the marshmallow and add jelly beans.
  3. Add the stick to the bottom of your marshmallow.
  4. Repeat five or six times and gather together for a bouquet of sweet treats. You can substitute icing sugar with white chocolate, but that involves a slightly higher level of skill!
  5. Cut out green construction paper in the shape of a leaf and glue down to your popsicle stick.

For the Friends You Love: I Have a Crush On You

I Have a Crush On You

This is quite simple, all you have to do is buy some cream soda or orange pop and replace the label with the one we've created right here for you here. Attach a straw and simple bow and voila! A fun and cheerful Valentine's Day gift for friends or family.

Sweet Pea

This DIY has more parts, but is actually quite simple. Gather some seedlings together and package them in a small envelope we created (Sweet Pea, Forget Me Not). We went one step further and decorated ours with an inexpensive paper doily, stickers, and simple label. Add a bit of top soil to a ceramic planter, and give this gift to anyone - a teacher, coworker, or family member.

For Your One True Love: Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed

Serve your loved one heart-shaped food. Yes it's simple, but this will never disappoint. Here we've created a simple egg in a hole and garnished it with heart-shaped ketchup. To create the hearts, put two small blobs of ketchup beside one another. With a toothpick drag the bottom of each blob together in to one point.

Memories Mailbox

Memories Mailbox

This is a simple shadow box frame transformed into a memory mailbox. The idea is to cut a slot in the back of the shadow box, insert a mailbox slot purchased from a building supply store, and begin to fill it with all your memories. We simply spelled 'memories' using scrabble tiles on the back, but use your imagination and come up with something that means something to your relationship!


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