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9 Adorable Holiday Gifts Your Kids Can Make


Let's face it: gifts are a big part of the holidays, and yes, you're probably going to have to buy many of them. But it's always nice to have an opportunity to show the kids that not everything has to come from a store. Parenting expert Kathy Buckworth showed us some easy crafts that'll be fun for the kids and delight their recipients too.



Jolly java jackets

Finally a use for those the branded ceramic travel cups you've collected. Cut festive (but old and holey) socks off at the ankle, slip them onto a ceramic mug and glue in place. Decorate to your heart's content.

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Birdseed ornaments

Kathy found this great recipe for birdseed ornaments. Our extra tip: grease everything completely including the straw you use to make the hole for easy removal later.

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Button reindeer ornaments

Buy buttons in bulk in varying colours and sizes, then simply thread onto pipe cleaners that are tied off at the ends.

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Custom calendars

Another bit of clever adaptive reuse: cut out the calendar part from those branded calendars that find their way to your home and paste on top of kids' paintings or drawings.

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Snowflake candles

This one's so easy for little kids. Simply glue tissue paper and cut-up paper doilies onto glasses.

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Stamped monogrammed cards

Plain stationary is inexpensive and oh-so impressive when you turn it into monogrammed stationary. One stamp set can last a lifetime. Buy it and some gold paint to stamp pretty paper cut to size with, say, a teacher's initials. Then paste onto the plain stationary and you have the best gift in the class.

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Arty napkins

Fabric markers are all you need to turn plain napkins into customized holiday napkins. Just make sure the kids keep those markers away from the couch!

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Page-corner bookmarks

This template for page-corner bookmarks can be customized easily. We used googly eyes to make this reindeer, for example.

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“Stained glass” cookies

Use your favourite sugar cookie recipe for this one. Use one cookie cutter for the inside “window” and one for the outside. Crush coloured hard candy and sprinkle in middle, and then bake. Let these cool completely — the melted candy will be HOT in the centre.

:::Kids' DIY Holiday Gifts: “Stained glass” cookies:::
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