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Create a Tropical Tiki Bar at Home


It's the dead of winter but you can create a tropical vibe right at home. Here to show us how is our Cocktail Deeva!

Tiki Bar with Dee Brun

1. Ice

Ice matters! In blended drinks the most common mistake is not using enough ice, which makes up the better part of these drinks. You need approximately double the ice to your liquid ingredients. Crushed ice can seem like a pain but it's easy to do:

How: You use a muddler or wooden spoon to crush ice in a shaker or you can have more fun using the rolling pin method. Put ice in a plastic bag and then put that bag in a pillowcase. Proceed to hit and break apart the ice with a rolling pin! A pillowcase will absorb that little excess moisture.

Did you know: You can sometimes find crushed ice at the grocery store? Just get it into your freezer right away!

Tip: When using ice cubes, it's worth it to buy a tray with large squares so you don't thin out all of those creamy tropical drinks

2. Tools


Don't think you have to spend a fortune on a blender, but you do need one that will work! A food processor won't blend your mix evenly and smoothly for sipping — think of the pulp in some of those fruits you'll be blending. And back to crushing ice, if your blender is strong enough, you can turn crushed ice into a slushy drinking fast — important since you want slush not melted ice!


This is key for tropical drinks. It's essential for herbs but also for citrus. It's worth investing in a nice one as a spoon or other kitchen hacks don't work as well.

Zester and Squeezer

If you just need a squirt of lime, use your hands but there will be a lot leftover. A good juicer will get out all the liquid for additional cocktails.

Zesters work well too. When you need more juice, especially for a party, use a proper zester. Bonus, you can use them for other cooking and baking activities!

3: Great ingredients

Fresh is best: Juices, herbs, fruits — once you start, you'll never use those little plastic limes with juice in them again! Never use mixes either, which a lot of drinks call for. It's easy to make or even buy premium fruit juices and purees. 

Tip: Honour your tropical fruit with quality booze (like a good darker rum) and you'll automatically have a great drink!

4. Rims

Everyone's had a great bloody mary or margaita, but Deeva bets the only bad one you've had didn't have a good rim! Salt is great but don't stop there. Imagine this:

  1. lime + toasted coconut
  2. lemon + sugar (scented or not) or smoked paprika
  3. orange + toasted almond flour with cayenne

5. Garnish

If there's one thing that separates a regular cocktail from a tropical cocktail it's that the latter is DRESSED TO PARTY! If you can find dragon fruit and star fruit that's all you need. With that said, when else do you get to use umbrellas? Don't pretend you don't love them!

If you want to keep it elegant, it doesn't get much more stunning than edible flowers. Simple herbs — like a sprig of rosemary — are a great last minute garnish too.

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