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Cool Products to Make Parents’ Lives Easier


PTPA's Sharon Vinderine brings us the latest parent-approved products. These recent winners have won the PTPA seal of approval and promise to make a parent's life easier.

Orange Naturals ND Shake Kids

Orange Naturals ND Shake Kids, $30.99

Age: 3 - 12

This nutritional supplement tastes great and is ideal for picky eaters with developing bodies. The custom made ND Shake helps support a child's development with a multi-vitamin built right in. It's vegan, gluten-free and contains plant-based protein, greens and super fruits that are highly absorbable. The shake comes in vanilla or chocolate flavours. 

KidFit Pillows

KidFit Pillows, $69.99

Age: Stage 1: ages 2 - 4; Stage 2: ages 5 - 7; Stage 3; ages 8 - 11

The KidFit pillow is a premium, ergonomically-perfect sleeping pillow designed to ensure restful sleep and robust health. It's properly sized for kids with three different sizes to fit three different age groups. It's designed to fit and properly support a child's head and neck as they grow. The pillow is manufactured using the highest quality memory foam, comfortably firm to ensure proper support and reduce the risk of suffocation. As an added bonus it's 100 per cent hypo-allergenic and is machine washable.

Gum Chucks

GumChucks, $9.95

Age: 3 to adult

If you want your kids to floss make it fun, fast and easy! Flossing children become flossing adults. These gumchucks feature disposable tips that are connected by a piece of dental floss. While kids love the characters and cool designs, parents love the ease of use, innovative design and effectiveness. The unique two-handle system increases dexterity and control allowing the dentist-recommended 'C' shape with the floss.

Emotional ABCs

Emotional ABC's, $85

Ages: 4 - 8

Emotional ABC's teaches children basic emotional regulation skills. This product shows children how to "pause and breathe" to help them figure out what they're feeling; how to "rewind" so they can discover what happened to get them to the feeling they're experiencing; and finally to "play" to help them make a choice that can transition them to a calm place. Giving your child these easy to learn skills can lead to a lifetime of better choices.

Anki DRIVE Starter Kit

Anki DRIVE Starter Kit, $199.99

Ages: 6 - 13

The race track of the future is here! The Anki Drive uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver the first video game with physical play pieces. A fun mix of a classic game everyone loves with today's technology, the whole family will love it! Each car has been engineered to think, it knows where it is, makes decisions and drives itself. Using your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or iPad mini you can take control of a car to play against friends or AI cars.


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