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DIY Online

Today I joined Steven and Chris to introduce the next generation of crafts - made with online tools from amazing websites!

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Here are some of the best DIY projects I found and made online that you MUST try for yourself...

1. Paper Projects

The website:
The HP Activity Centre and HP Print Studio

What you need:

  • White paper for stationary
  • White cardstock (matte 175 gsm 8.5 x 11 in letter sized sheets) for the other projects
  • A color printer - at home or at the office
  • Scissors and glue (for some projects)

Why we like it:

The HP Activity Centre is a totally free resource with hundreds of amazing paper projects and fabulous designs that require little more than a color printer and some white paper to execute.

If you consider the cost of store-bought greetings cards, invitations, party accessories, stationary and the like nowadays, it's definitely worth investing in a stack of card stock  - like the matte 175 gsm 8.5 x 11 in letter sized sheets we used to create all the projects below - to have on-hand when you're running out the door and need a birthday card or want to create special projects, like the glamour princess birthday party kit I made.

Greetings cards can cost as little as $0.20 - $0.30 each and if you're starting a small business you can print very slick stationary, business cards and labels on demand instead of ordering in bulk. There are lots of great personal and small business projects and designs at the HP Print Studio.

Here are some of the projects I made for the show...

The Glamour Princess Party Kit
Includes customizable templates for invitations, prize packs, loot bags, tiaras, nametags for cupcakes and games and more!



Invitation template
Purse for invitation template


Tiara template
Tiara instructions

Wand template

Wand instructions


Party planner template
Game sheet template


Cupcake toppers template

Note: I used the nametages of the Sparkly slipper table decoration template for cupcake toppers because you could customize the names. Just fold and glue over a toothpick.

Check out all The Glamour Princess Party Kit projects here.

Check out The Pirate Party Kit projects too!

Custom Playing Cards


Thank You Cards


More cards:
Miss you cards
Birthday cards

2. Movie Slideshow

The website:

What you need:
Photos in electronic format - from your digital camera or saved from Facebook, Flickr, etc. or older photos scanned and saved as .jpg files.

Why we like it:
Whether you want to show off your latest vacation photos on Facebook or create a "this is your life" style video to honor someone at an event - like a wedding, a 50th anniversary party, or a charity event - the free slideshow tool on this site makes it really easy to turn your photos into a dynamic movie set to music.

Visit OneTrueMedia.com's "Create" page to see how easy it is.

Getting an account is free, as is uploading your photos and creating a slideshow with transitions, like the one I made using some of Steven and Chris' recent travel photos:

This video used basic edits, which were all free, and the site does most of the work for you. If you'd like to get fancier with the editing, you may need to purchase an upgraded account with more capabilities.

You can post your own slideshow on Facebook, Youtube and other sites for free, but it costs $2.99 to download a copy for yourself, which you may need to do if you want to bring it to a party on a USB stick or a DVD. Steven thinks it's great to play on your television in the background of a party.

3. Custom Gifts

The website: Zazzle.com

What you need:
Ideas - quotes you love, exressions, images, family photos... anything that you would print on a t-shirt, mug, apron, mousepad, etc.

Why we like it: Like the other sites, zazzle.com allows you to create something that's customized, original and that speaks to your tastes!

Visit Zazzle.com's "Create" page to view all the different one-of-a-kind products you can create for friends, family or for yourself.

Here are some of the gifts I created for Steven and Chris and for myself:


To make this apron I used Photoshop to create a .jpeg image of a quote from Julia Child that I liked. You can do pretty much the same thing in MS Paint or just add text using the Zazzle.com design tool. I think uploading your own image works best, though.


Plastic is out, totes are in... and they're a big part of your daily fashion statement! Choose the statement you want to make, like I did with this "I Love Steven and Chris" tote.


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I'll try to answer any questions you have as well.

- Jamey Ordolis, Steven and Chris' Web Wonder Woman


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