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Chris’ Angels: Buzzworthy Holiday Gifts


Chris’ elves — or Angels, rather — have been busy testing out the latest buzzworthy gifts. Which ones are worthy of a place under the tree? Let's find out.

Chris' Angels

Stick N Find, $49.99

The Claim: The Stick N Find will track anything you need it to. Simply stick the small round monitor onto anything: your cat's collar, the remote, your cell phone, or any other item you often loose. Then the Stick N Find app will help you track it and give you a notification when it is out of an area.

The Verdict: “I think the Stick N Find would be a great thing to use on your luggage so you know when it’s coming. Either that or putting it on your husband to track his whereabouts. But seriously, this could be good for your keys or remote control. Just make sure you have the compatible phone because the app doesn’t work on all cell phones.” — Taylor

The Forever Pillow, $55

The Claim: Fashioned after the never-ending Möbius strip, Forever Pillow can be twisted and used in endless resting options as a desk pillow, neck cushion, back support, scarf, eye mask, and more… Take a break, start twisting, wrapping and have fun anywhere and any way.

The Verdict: "The Forever Pillow isn’t something I would have ever purchased for myself but since I had to try it out, I thought it was really comfy. Im a social media fanatic so when Im on my computer all day, I use it as back support. Pass!” —Cher

Molecule-R Gastronomy Cocktail Kit, $29.99-59.99

The Claim: Mixology is now an art, so stop simply mixing alcohols with juices! Learn how to deconstruct your favourite cocktails and serve your mojitos in a large bubble that will explode in your mouth, bite into a layered martini, or add a touch of airy lime foam to your tequila shots!

The Verdict: “This was beyond complicated!  It’s not something you can pull out in front of your guests and just whip up. It takes quite a bit of prep! On top of that, the instructions are very complicated and confusing. It’s some serious Breaking Bad type ish! If you know a geeky person who loves science and drinking, this is the gift for them.” — Joanne


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