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Chris’ Angels: Sports Mom Edition

Whether you're out playing sports yourself or watching your kids in action, Chris' Angels have tested products a few popular products that claim to be perfect for every sports mom. So, are these gadgets worthy of fanfare? Let's take a look.

Chris' Angels: Sports Mom Edition

The Wine Rack, $30

The claim: The cheap alternative to a boob job, but way more fun! The Wine rack holds an entire bottle of wine and also increases your bra size two full cups.

The verdict: "I thought this could work for some incognito drinking at my next hockey or stadium event. It doesn't. The straw overflows and isn't very discreet. I will say it does deliver on boosting your cup size." — Taylor

The Amazing Pocket Chair, $15

The claim: Take a seat anywhere with the pocket chair. Opens in a snap and folds up with ease.

The verdict: "Pass. It does open up easily and fold up with a snap, but that's the beginning and end of it all. It's poorly made and too big for a pocket, but too small for most people to sit on!" — Cher

Pop-Up Shelter, $70

The claim: The Pop-Up Shelter sets up in seconds making it easy to set up and move. Provides shade from the sun and harmful UV rays. No assembly required and folds up easily.

The verdict: "The shelter is set up in seconds and packs up flat. You do need to read the instructions to get it folded back up, but it was nice that no accessories or poles were needed to pitch the shelter." — Cher

Racing Coolers, Rental

The claim: Race around and keep your food and beverages cool. This is great for an afternoon at the park, or watching your kid's soccer game.

The verdict: "A really great idea of an afternoon of fun. I don't have any kids and would love this for a picnic or day at the beach." — Joanne

Chris' Angels: Sports Mom Edition


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