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Chris’ Angels: Kitchen Gadgets that Save Time and Money


Chris' Angels are back and the ladies are testing three popular kitchen products to save you time and money.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Chris' Angels tested out the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Pictured are three sandwich makers: one in black, one in stainless steel, and one in red.

Claim: "Quick and easy to use. Just put your ingredients in, close the lid and in five minutes you have a fully assembled breakfast sandwich ready to go."

Verdict: Depends on your situation. "If I ate breakfast sandwiches regularly (and alone) this would be a great appliance. I was skeptical when it came to the part of putting the bread on the wet egg. But surprisingly it cooked and it wasn't soggy! A good product if you are only making breakfast for yourself but it only makes one sandwich at a time, five minutes apart. I can make three the manual way." -Cher Jones

T-Fal OptiGrill

T-Fal OptiGrill in stainless steel.

Claim: Cooks any ingredient, any thickness, from rare to well-done with "automatic cooking applied to a contact grill".

Verdict: "Love it! I have a vegetarian hubby and it grills veggies fantastically. I only wish there was a veggie button for grilling. If you are grilling steak or chicken with vegetables, make sure it's not too thick or it will take longer to cook." -Taylor Kaye

As Seen On TV Slice-O-Matic

A Slice-O-Matic is slicing cucumbers into circles.

Claim: Designed with safety in mind, "your hands will never get close to the blade!" Easy to use, easy to clean.

Verdict: Fail. "O.M.G. so clunky! You still have to pre-chop some items if they don't fit in the clear plastic tube. So then what's the point?" -Joanne Alderson

Joanne Alderson, Cher Jones, and Taylor Kaye pose with Chris Hyndman and the kitchen products they tested out.


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