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Chris’ Angels: Cleaning Products

Chris' Angels got to work, putting a range of noteworthy cleaning products to the test. Do the gadgets get the job done? Joanne, Cher and Taylor let us know.


1. Dusters

The claim:

Feather: Tried, tested and true - the feather duster is the original. Does that make it the best? $5

Lambswool: The wool contains lanolin oils that attract and hold dust like magic. $10

Swiffer: Designed specifically to clean dirt in grooves and crevices, it traps and locks dust and allergens better than a feather duster. $10

The verdict: "It was a tight race between the lambswool and The Swiffer. They both worked well, but I liked that I could just start fresh with The Swiffer each time!" -- Taylor

2. Stain Removers

The claim:

Ecover: Eradicate stubborn everyday stains with Ecover Stain Remover. This powerhouse is ideal for all your laundry needs and made from plant and mineral based ingredients. $6

2 Parts Hydrogen Peroxide + 1 Part Dish Detergent: This cost-conscious concoction will leave your clothes clean and pristine! $0.20

OxyClean: The special applicator helps get deep in to clothing fibers where the thick gel formula sticks to stains and breaks them down. $4

The verdict: It was a toss up between the OxyClean and DIY solution. The difference in cost had me reaching for the DIY solution before buying another OxyClean! - Joanne

3. The Lint Lizard, $11

The claim: Removes Dryer Lint in Hard to Reach Places and speeds up your dryer by 15 minutes!

The verdict: "The only thing this product was good for was sucking money out of your wallet!" - Taylor

4. Cyber Clean, $7

The claim: A high tech cleaning compound that's great for all your computers and electronic gadgets. Press it on and the dirt is gone!

The verdict: "This product is great for grabbing dust in hard to reach spots - it worked really well for the fan vent on my computer. I also liked that it was reusable, rather than going through cans of compressed air!" - Cher

5. The Paw Wash, $30

The claim: The world's first and most ingenious dog paw cleaner on the market today.

The verdict: "It's great that a grade 6 student invented this product, but that's the beginning and end of it. I'd rather keep a towel at the door or plunk my little guy into the sink to wash his paws and underbelly at the same time." - Joanne


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