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Blogger’s Tool Box


Web wonder woman, Jamey Ordolis, returns with the five tools every blogger (or blogger-to-be) needs.


1. Flavors.me

Perfect for small businesses that want to profile their wares. Also, great for anyone who needs an online resume and wants to market themselves to others.

2. Tumblr.com

User-friendly site that makes starting a blog a breeze. Select from many templates and share your thoughts, pictures, videos and ideas with the world.

3. Fisher-Price Apptivity Case

Great for busy mom and dad bloggers, this sturdy case will protect your smartphone from dribbles, drool and unwanted call-making.

4. Snugabye

Perfect for late-night (and cold-morning!) blogging, it's a one-piece fleece sleeper with feet—just like the ones you had as a kid!

5. HappyLight

If your computer isn't near a window, this gadget brings summertime daylight indoors.


jamey_bio_tool_box.jpgJamey Ordolis is senior producer of CBC Live and co-creator/editor of Empirella.


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