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Best Tech Gifts

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Time to load everyone up with amazing tech gifts that they wouldn't ever buy for themselves, even if they really, really need them (...Francine, with the six year old digital camera!).

I've got iPads and iPhones and apps by the dozen. Flat screens and consoles to play with my cousins. But these are the top 5 tech gifts I'm picking up for people on my list this year:

1. The Kobo Wireless eReader

I used the free Kobo app to buy and read books on my iPad and it's changed my life! But most people don't actually need an iPad. 

For the average book lover, commuter, student or young adult, the Kobo Wireless eReader, which retails at approximately $149 CDN, is the amazing must-have holiday gift.

It's lighter than you can imagine, fits easily into any purse or bag - like, even a clutch - and can store up to 1,000 books without a memory card and up to 10,000 with. Take it from someone who broke her back carrying around books for her English Lit. degree: you want this.

I love how easy it is to download books and newspapers both wirelessly or from the free desktop app, I love the book bundles and especially the eGifting service, because I am both a big fan of shopping online (no muss, no fuss, no malls) and the type of person who wants to share a book she loves with just about everyone.

But what I love most is the fact that it comes with 100 classics pre-loaded. Jane Eyre, Dracula, War and Peace, The Odyssey... a library so rich that this is officially the thing that I would bring to a deserted island (provided there's a power outlet. Battery does last for up to 2 weeks though). I think this is a really amazing gift to give to anyone over ten years old to get them addicted to reading as quickly as possible. Here's more on how it works.

Want one? Enter our contest to win 1 of 3.


2. The GoPro HD Hero Camera

This thing is awesome. By brother goes diving and he's getting this for Christmas. It's a tiny little camera that shoots full HD 1080p footage and has a protective case that makes it waterproof up to 60 meters and allows you to attach it to a number of things a sports-lover uses... surfboards, speedbikes, bicycles, helmets, snowboards and more. It also and has a camera mode that can take a single shot, tripe shot or a photo every few seconds. Here are the basic price listings


You've got to watch this 2010 highlights video to see it, and it's users, in action. Check out all the amazing videos here. Better yet, get the camera and and make your own.

3. The Kodak Pulse 10 inch digital frame

Moms everywhere will adore this! We've seen digital frames before but this one lets you send photos to the frame by email.

Here's how it works:

You can set up an account for the frame and preload it with photos on the Kodak Pulse website without even opening the box. Perfect for gifting.

Part of the setup process is assigning an email address to the frame. Like, momanddad@kodakpulse.com, for example. Then you give that address to the whole family and everyone can send mom and dad photos by email or from their phones. As long as the owner has Wi-Fi, the photos will automatically load into the frame's rotation. No need for saving photos from emails, or using those USB thingys or all the other stuff that some people don't want to delve into.

You can even set the frame to display all the photos of a specific Facebook account... probably not a good idea for mom and dad.

The Kodak Pulse 10 inch digital frame retails at $199.95 CDN and can be purchased at Kodak.ca
Kodak Pulse Digital Frame_Front_hi res.jpg
Enter our contest to win a $1000 Kodak Prize Pack including the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame and other fabulous tech gifts for capturing and sharing your holiday memories!

4. The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

This one was for Chris, because he's not the best sleeper and he wants to figure out how to sleep better. Join the club.

You wearing the Zeo Headband every night, and it measures your sleep patterns through the electrical signals produced by your brain, recording your levels of sleep (light, REM, etc.), how many times you were woken and more.

The Zeo Bedside Display stores up to two weeks of your sleep data and provides you with your "sleep score"and other information about your night's sleep and how it compares to previous nights. You take the SD card from the Bedside Display to upload all of you recorded sleep into to the myZeo online coaching site, in order to review patterns, determine what is negatively impacting your sleep and find ways to improve.

This one takes commitment, folks. But it's totally fascinating and can potentially offer some really great long-term benefits. We'll keep you posted on Chris' progress!

Meanwhile there's tons for info on the Zeo website. It retails for $199 US and can be purchased here.


5. The Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote

I hate trying to make 4 remote controls look pretty. It's not possible. Keeping all the batteries new is even worse. And for most people, understanding them all is the biggest problem.

The Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote solves that problem for up to 15 devices! Friends who've used them have claimed to ditch 8 remotes in one fell swoop.

It's sleek and pretty, it has a full color touch screen that displays commands like "Watch TV", "Watch DVD" and other easy to understand labeling (because we all know Dad never remembers that "input" takes you to the setting for watching DVDs) and it sits on a charger, so you never have to search the house for AA batteries at 11pm ever again.

It retails for $249.99 US and can be purchased on the Logitech site.


And last, but not least, USB flash drives make excellent stocking stuffers and everyone needs them nowadays! You can splurge on some cute ones like these from mimobot.com.

star wars usb.jpg

If you've got any tech gifts on your wish list that we should know about, or if you have any questions, please share them in the comments below.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Jamey Ordolis
(aka Web Wonder Woman)


PS. I loved wearing this dress from Ross Mayer. Hooray for the holidays!


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