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Best of Life Made Easy


In need of a little help in the kitchen, with a neat design idea, or an organization solution? Chances are, we can help with some of our best Life Made Easy tips.

Upcycling Made Easy

Are your drawers and cupboards filling up with items you’d just as soon get rid of? Think again with these easy ways to repurpose them into something pretty.

If you’re ready to invest in a new set of cutlery, use your old or mismatched pieces to create art, apron hooks or a cookbook stand. In the same vein, your old china can easily be transformed into jewelry holders and candles.

If you have a ball of twine sitting around there are numerous ways to get crafty with it to add some natural fibres to your decor; old corks can be used to make a vase or coasters; and you may be surprised how fabulous a leather belt can look as part of your decor as well (the vase cover is a fave!).

Even a coat hanger or soda bottles can find new life as decorative ways to display your jewelry!

Food Prep Made Easy

Need an extra hand in the kitchen? Check out these gadgets that might help you just as much.

If it’s a little brush up on your chopping skills you need, Chef Jonathan's to the rescue with these tips on using your knives.

Have guests coming over? Impress them with your food presentation skills using just your wooden cutting board or white dinnerware set. (These decorative DIY place cards will work wonders too).

And if you’re looking for the perfect way to portion your food, look no further than the ever popular mason jar. We’ve got five cool ways to use 'em.

Food Freshness Made Easy

Nobody feels good about wasting food, which is why we put together a whole lot of tips on how to get the most out of your groceries. For starters, check out these simple tips on keeping food fresher longer, including those foods that seem to go bad way too quickly like tomatoes and bananas.

If you’re in the market for seafood then you’re definitely going to want to check out Chef Jonathan’s tips on how to select and store seafood.

And finally, one of your favourite Life Made Easy segments has shown you surprising foods you can freeze. Catch all the tips from the first (eggs! herbs! oil!), second (butter! corn! wine!) and third (pesto! pasta! grapes!) editions online.

Healthy Snacking Made Easy

We’re all guilty of snacking in between meals, but when you make the snacks yourself you can be sure you know what’s going in them (healthier!) and customize them to your liking (tastier!).

Check out these super simple recipes to make your own hummus, granola, and trail mix. And if you’re having a salad with lunch or dinner, you’ll want to check out our simple salad dressing recipes too.

Organization Made Easy

One of the biggest challenges in any home is to keep everything organized! As time goes by the clutter grows, and there somehow seems to be less time to keep it under control.

To help you along, check out our clever ways to store your makeup, stylish ways to store your pet supplies, and creative ways to store your art supplies.

Also, check out how a simple tray can help you stay organized and add some style to any room in your home.

And finally…

If you just need a good laugh watch this video of ways you can use cucumber in your home. 

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