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Andrea Martin on Aging and Loving Your ‘Lady Parts’


Andrea Martin spoke with us about her new book "Lady Parts" and she had some hilarious and inspiring thoughts to share. 


5  Inspiring Quotes on Body and Wellness from ‘Lady Parts’

On being cast as Berthe in Pippin, and becoming strong enough for the trapeze:
“I had to completely change my body... I had to build up my upper body strength and my core at 66 years old. “

On 2012, a year she vowed to say “yes to everything”:
“At that point, did any of the cosmetic work matter? No, of course not. Here’s what mattered. I said yes to life.”

On loving your eyebrows:
“I wish I had appreciated my eyebrows more. They were bushy and Armenian and framed my big eyes perfectly.”

On recovering from Bulimia:
“Not feeling was the only purpose food ever held for me.”
“If I have any feelings, happy or sad, my intention is to stuff them down. But instead, I sit with them. I feel what I’m feeling until it passes.”

On gratitude:
“I’m healthy, my insides seem to be working, and most of what makes me feel old no one else can see. So I’m going to make the most of what I have.”


Video: Andrea Martin on Lady Parts

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