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All About Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil just keeps increasing in popularity, and rightfully so. This wonderful oil has so many different uses it's no wonder that people are catching on. Here nutritionist Joy McCarthy shares her favourite uses for coconut oil.

1. Put a dollop in your coffee

Put a dollop of coconut oil in your coffee

Adding coconut oil  in your morning coffee can give you a great metabolism boost and it tastes so yummy.

2. Lip Balm

Use coconut oil as lip balm

Joy keeps little containers all over her house. She has a mason jar in the bathroom cabinet for after shower moisturising and a small lip balm size tub in her purse. During winter many people deal with dry skin due to the cold and dry weather. Coconut oil is a wonderful and natural way to combat chapped lips and dry skin.

3. Use to clean and moisturize wood cutting boards

Use coconut oil to clean and moisturize wood cutting boards

Coconut oil has some fantastic antifungal properties. Use a cloth to rub a spoonful of coconut oil onto your wooden cutting board to clean and moisturize the wood. 

Make sure you choose non-hydrogenated, extra virgin oil that has not been bleached or treated with chemicals.


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