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8 Outside-The-Box Gifts for Co-Workers


Sometimes work can become a little dull… so Steven and Chris looked around and found some items that will make work a LOT more fun. These also make great picks for office Secret Santa pools.




Tired To Wired Coffee Mug

If the mug looks tired, it's too early for a meeting!

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DCI Air Mail Launcher

Emails are fine but they get ignored. Launch your note to your co-worker with a desk catapult!

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Poo-Pourri Heavy Doody

Let's face it, sometimes work washrooms require a little…olfactory assistance.

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Emergency Affirmation Button

Positive affirmation, just a slap away! Use in emergencies for when you're obviously under-appreciated.

Epic Fail Button

...AND an epic-fail button for your co-workers' "bright" ideas.

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Fred Dine-Ink Pens

It's lunchtime, but you're just so busy! Here's a way to eat and take notes at the same time.

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Lapkins Underwear Napkins

Wear this silly napkin so you don't spill on your clothes!

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Snuggly Smores USB Warming Slippers

There's no reason to be uncomfortable at your desk. Warm your feet while you work!

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