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6 Unexpected Ways to Use a Bar of Soap


You can do so much more with soap than just use it to clean grimy hands. Check out these six uses for soap you've probably never imagined!


1. Gardening Glove Alternative

Need to get something quick done in the garden but don't have your gardening gloves handy? Keep soil out of your fingernails by rubbing a dry bar of soap on and under the tips before you go out. When you're done, use a nail brush or even a toothbrush while washing. The soap keeps the dirt out, and foams up when you scrub.

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2. Wood Lubricant

Afraid you're going to split a hard piece of wood when you nail or screw into it?Just rub that nail or screw with a bar of soap beforehand, and it'll keep the wood from cracking.

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3. Zipper Unsticker

Got a stuck zipper? You guessed it: rubbing a bar of soap along the offending zipper teeth can help the zipper glide more easily. The same trick can work with windows that get jammed partway when you're opening and closing them.

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4. Leather Softener

If you wear a lot of shoes without socks, the stiff leather in a new pair can give you serious blisters. Rub a slightly softened bar of soap on the inside of the back of the shoes. After a couple of applications the leather will soften up nicely.

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5. Air Freshener

This one's simple: place a bar of your favourite soap inside your car, suitcase, gym bag or drawers to keep them smelling fresh!

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6. Leak Finder

Plumbing can be a pain, especially if there's a leak. Rather than replace a whole pipe, patch the leaky spot by using a bar of soap as a household leak finder. Just rub the bar along the pipe until it's fully covered, and turn on the water. You'll notice bubbles and suds starting to form wherever water is getting out. Patch that spot and you're good to go!

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