5 Toys for Winter Fun


Looking for ideas to make a snow-fight a little more exciting? Parenting columnist Chris Shulgan headed out to look for some awesome winter toys for kids to make play all the more fun.

Snow Castle Kit, $20

A snow castle kit.

Get the kids to make the perfect snow fort. The kit comes with three form shapes. Hours of fun for ages three years and up.

Snow Ball Maker, $5

Arctic Force's snow ball maker.

You can now make three perfectly shaped snow balls all at once instead of just one in the same time. This toy's also got a built-in handle that allows you to easily transport the snowballs giving the advantage you need in a snowball fight!

Snow Track Ball Scoop, $10

Snow ball scooper by Arctic Force

This scoop allows you to launch snow balls up to 150' (45 m). The scoop itself has a built-in snowball maker at the front end of the handle. You can easily shovel or scoop up snow, then easily compact it into the perfectly shaped snowball. 

Snow Ball Blaster, $40

A snowball blaster.

This blaster allows you to launch snow balls up to 80' (24 m). The built-in snow ball maker allows you to make perfectly shaped snow balls and it has the ability to make 3 snow balls all at once! 

Snowball Crossbow, $43

Snowball crossbow.

This easy to operate crossbow can blast a target up to 60' (18 m) away. With a simple pull mechanism and adjustable arms for easy storage, the amazing crossbow will get you excited for the next snow storm. For ages 8 and up.


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