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5 Things We Learned About ‘Shopaholic’ Author Sophie Kinsella

Her books have been read by millions and we know her most famous character, Rebecca (Becky) Bloomwood, but what do you know about Sophie Kinsella? After chatting with Sophie, we found out surprising and fun facts about the brains behind the shopaholic.

1) Her hit-list for best-dressed celebrities includes:

  • Lupita Nyongo ("she wears colour so beautifully")
  • Emma Watson (her fashion is “so courageous”)
  • Rachel McAdams ("She just looks like a very comfortable woman who knows how to dress herself")

2) She always carries a notebook (“you cannot be a writer and not travel with a notebook”) and will often stop in the middle of the street to jot down an idea.

3) She wears a diamond ring that used to belong to Agatha Christie. Her husband knew she was a big fan and bought it for her at an auction as a good-luck gift for her current book tour.

4) She carries a purse that was designed by Jackie Collin’s daughter, Tiffany Lerman (Pattern LA).

5) She has a custom-made sharpie holder for book signings.


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