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5 Crafty Gift Wrapping Ideas… with Craft Paper!


Forget the frou-frou wrapping paper this year — craft paper is elegant, versatile and cheap! Here are five, ahem, crafty ways to use it.

1. Peek-a-boo gift

Peek-a-boo gift wrap

Instead of affixing a gift tag, why not create a cute little window with a message or photo behind it? First, figure out how much paper you'll need to wrap your gift. Then just cut out three sides of a little square in the craft paper, and tape your message or picture on the underside. When you wrap the gift, the image will be framed in the window.

2. Customized clay ornament

Clay ornament

To get the candy cane look, first twist together two sticks of modelling clay, one white and one red. Then use the clay to write out the name of the gift's recipient and freeze it in the oven for 20 minutes to harden it before baking for 15 mintues at 275 F (follow the modelling clay's instructions). Affix to craft paper-wrapped gift with ribbon.

3. Reuse old holiday cards

Greeting card tag

If you've got a drawer full of old holiday cards piling up, here's a great way to use them (as long as the front doesn't have anything written on it!). First cut off the front of the card, and cut two vertical slits on either side. Then simply feed a wide ribbon through the slits, and wrap around the gift. The craft paper provides a great neutral backdrop.

4. Animal couriers

Animal couriers

Here's a cute way to wrap up jewelry. First, get little animal figurines from the toy store, and wrap up little boxes in craft paper. Then tie the boxes to the animals with craft paper. To complete the desert scene, mix together cereal, brown sugar and glitter, and spread on top of a board, then place the gift-laden animals on top.

5. Tape art!

Tape art on craft paper-wrapped gift

This one's for all those non-expert wrappers or bow-tiers. First do a basic wrap of your gift in craft paper, then use coloured tape to create fun patterns. Voila!


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