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4 Decorative Uses for Cutlery


Have old cutlery cluttering up your drawers? Use those pieces to make something new! Here are four ideas for inspiration.

Apron Hooks

Cutlery Apron Hooks

Paint a 2x4 piece of wood to match your decor. Bend spoons and forks to create hooks. Then, use adhesive glue to attach spoons and forks to the painted wood.

Framed Serving Utensils

Framed Serving Utensils

Create inexpensive art for your kitchen by placing card stock, wallpaper or scrap paper in a shadow box. Glue gun your favourite serving utensils to the inside in a pattern that appeals to you.

Rustic Fork Place Setting

Rustic Fork Place Setting

Bend your forks to create a place holder, perfect for holding a napkin and place card.

Cookbook Stand

Cutlery Cookbook Stand

Create a decorative cookbook stand by hot gluing two spoons across the front of a plate stand.


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