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3 Ways to Re-purpose China


Have an abundance of beautiful china stored in your cupboards? Inherited a collection you don't know what to do with? With these three beautiful ways to repurpose it you'll make use of that china for years to come.


Cupcake Stand

3 Ways to Repurpose China: Cupcake Stand

Apply porcelain and ceramic glue to the top of a crystal candle holder, and place a decorative china plate on top. Leave to dry for 24 hours, and you've got a cute cake stand with a vintage look!

Jewelry Stand

3 Ways to Repurpose China: Jewelry Stand

Using the same porcelain and ceramic glue, create tiers of different-sized plates glued to smaller candlesticks, and you've got a layered area to store and display your jewelry.

Teacup Candles

3 Ways to Repurpose China: Teacup Candles

Place a candle wick (which you can buy at craft stores) at the bottom of a teacup. In a separate cup, melt coloured soy wax in the microwave for three minutes, and pour into the teacup. Leave to dry, and you've got a colourful candle to display or give as a gift.


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