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3 Stylish Pet Supply Solutions


Practical, stylish and affordable. Here are three Life Made Easy ways to store your pet supplies.

Chic Pet Food Bowls

Chic Pet Food Bowls

Insert a stanless steel bowl or white ceramic bowl into ceramic planters (these ones are hand crafted). Instead of buying two identical bowls, switch up the heights: one for food, one for water.

Pet Biscuit and Treats Wall Storage

Pet Biscuit and Treats Wall Storage

Use white ceramin garlic storage containers with bamboo lids to store pet treats. Mount them on the wall, and you're able to keep storage off the floor, handy by other pet supplies.

Greyhound Bookends Turned Into Leash Hooks

Greyhound Bookends Turned Leash Hooks

Mount a stylish white high-gloss book-end on a wall and use the dog's neck as a hook for all your stylish pet collars.


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