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3 Beautiful Bows for All Your Holiday Gifts


Here's something you might not know about Steven: he's a bow master. In fact, every year around the holidays, people just don't want to unwrap his gifts because they're so pretty! Not quite a bow master yourself? Well follow along as Steven shows you how to tie a bow — three bows, in fact — for all your holiday gifts this year.


And here are step-by-step instructions for each bow.

Burlap Bow

Burlap bow

  1. Cut a burlap ribbon into six strips, the longest being 15 inches and each one being two inches shorter than the last.
  2. Twist each strip into a figure 8 and staple in the middle.
  3. Arrange your figure 8s from largest to smallest, twisting 90 degrees each time, as show in the GIF below.
  4. Affix using hot glue.

Burlap Bow

No-Tie Bow

No-tie bow

Tying the perfect bow can be very frustrating, so here's is a simple way to get a perfect bow every time using a cardboard template.

  1. Cut out your template (the width of your template determines the size of your bow).
  2. Wrap your ribbon around your template twice, leaving extra ribbon on both ends for the tails.
  3. Using a much thinner ribbon, tie up the middle of your ribbons, as shown in the GIF below. Pull tight, and slide it off the template. Voila. 

No-Tie Bow

Steven's Famous Pom-Pom Bow

Pom-pom bow

  1. Loop a long strip of ribbon many times over into a circle that's twice as wide as your intended bow.
  2. Fold loop in half, and cut two notches from folded edge as in the GIF below. Unfold.

Pom-pom bow

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with another piece of ribbon, and tie the two together around the middle.
  2. Begin pulling out the half-loops, twisting as shown in the GIF below.

Pom-pom bow

Extra tips:

  • To keep your ribbon from fraying, quickly run a lighter over the edges.
  • To make your ribbons stiffer use a bit of hairspray.


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