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2014’s Best Moments on Steven and Chris


As this year comes to an end, we’ve taken some time to think about all the great experiences and guests we’ve had on our show. From cute to OMG, 2014 has been a fabulous year!

Our Trip to Ripley’s Aquarium

Steven Sabados swims in a tank filled with sting rays.

Thanks to our friends at Ripley’s Aquarium, Steven was able to swim in a tank filled with sting rays!

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Unusual Uses for a Cucumber

Chris Hyndman laughs as Steven Sabados cleans a mirror with a cucumber.

That time Chris couldn’t contain himself from alternative mind-blowing uses for cucumbers.

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Milking a Cow for the First Time

Steven Sabados milks a cow. Milk lands in blue bucket.

Steven milked a cow the old fashioned way!

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A Fiery Treat

Steven Sabados lights a pan full of bananas and rum on fire.

We almost lit up the whole kitchen!

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Conquering EdgeWalk

Chris Hyndman eats at a restaurant while Steven Sabados completes the EdgeWalk on top of the CN Tower.

Steven and Chris had two very different experiences on their trip to the CN Tower.

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Science Fun

Steven Sabados, Chris Hyndman and Anthony Morgan make bubbles while wearing lab coats.

Science Ninja Anthony Morgan showed us that science can be fun!

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Jamie Oliver’s Irresistible Lemons

Jamie Oliver rubbing lemons on Chris Hyndman

That time it got a little steamy in the studio with Jamie Oliver.

Watch the video here»

Selfie with a Supermodel

Coco Rocha pretends to take a selfie with Steven Sabados.

Canadian Supermodel Coco Rocha admitted to us that she dislikes what selfies have done to people.

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A Lion Hug

Chris Hyndman holds a lion cub.

Okay, this is probably a top five moment in Chris’s life.

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