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10 Ways to Fill a Great Staycation

The summer sun is upon us, which means you don't have to visit the tropics to enjoy some relaxing time off this season. If you're looking to save money but maximize fun, consider these 10 ways you can make the most of a staycation.

10 Ways to Fill a Great Staycation

1. Treat yourself

A staycation most often means you're saving a bundle on regular travel expenses like flights and accommodation, so why not treat yourself in your own hometown. Head to the spa for some pampering (or try out Peggy K's DIY-at-home beauty products), go do a little shopping, or try a new restaurant you've been meaning to get to.

2. Be a local tourist

Most towns and cities have interesting attractions — museums, galleries, monuments and other landmarks — that we may not think about until someone visits us from out of town or asks for recommendations of things to do. Don't wait to visit these yourself and find out whether they're worth the hype!

3. Reconnect with friends

Hustle and bustle of life keeping you from some long lost friends? Catch up over a meal, a cocktail or a coffee. Then vow to stay in better touch.

4. Travel the world with your cuisine

Staycation: Travel the world with your cuisine

Half of the fun of traveling is trying out new cuisines in your destination city. Luckily, you can do all that at home with the help of a few of our chefs recipe. Chef Rosa takes us to South America with empanadas, while Chef Joshna treats us to to French-Vietnamese pork banh mi, takes us to Turkey with lamb kebabs and the islands with jerk chicken. And for dessert? Greek donuts!

5. Take in a show

Whether the latest live production or a summer blockbuster at the movie theatre, a great show is the perfect way to relax and lose yourself for a couple hours.

6. Get outside!

Anyone who's worked in an office knows the feeling of the sunshine calling you outside from beyond the window pane. A staycation's the perfect chance to get out and have some fun outside, whether at the park, beach, local pool or in your own backyard. Take a bike ride, go for a hike, eat a picnic in the park. Just get out there!

7. Read a good book

Remember that book you put down a while ago and haven't gotten around to finishing? Time to pick it up again.

8. Get organized

Stay with us on this one. We all know it can be awfully challenging to keep everything in your home organized on the day-to-day. Now that you've got a little bit of downtime, you should be energized enough to tackle the pantry, laundry room, home office or bedroom and get them in top shape. Trust us, it'll be a rewarding use of your day in the end!

9. Tackle a DIY project

Staycation: Tackle a DIY project

If you're into working with your hands, we've got a few crafty DIYs to add style and originality to your decor. Perfect for the summer months, check out these two ways to transform a standard planter from the box store. From there we've also got projects for every room in your house: a dining chair bench, DIY end tables and moroccan tile art.

10. Enjoy patio time

Patio weather's only here for so long, so grab your shades, pump some tunes, and relax. And how about the perfect cocktail to enjoy out there? We recommend Simon Ho's flaming tropic and Cocktail Deeva's Hawaiian blue tropical daiquiri.


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