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10 Ways Season Six Sizzled


It must be true what they say — time flies when you're having fun. Season six has been so jam-packed with fabulous guests and laughs it feels only right to run down just a few of the many ways we had a blast on-set.

1. Dazzling spaces

Steven and Chris' Happy Places

Our decor experts are constantly impressing us with their inspired designs, ranging from masculine to feminine, small to grand, vintage to modern and everything in between.

We were so excited to share our personal happy places too, inspired by items and decor that make us feel comfortable and energized. Check them out here and here.

2. Chatting with the stars

We were thrilled to welcome Grammy-winning artist Nelly Furtado to our studio for our first ever musical performance on the show. The Canadian superstar discussed her musical inspiration and even taught us a little dance move before performing.

Actress Nia Vardalos also stopped by to chat about her best-selling book and show off her hidden talent. We may just have to give her a call for our next floral DIY!

3. Decor Dynamos

Decor Dynamos

Above and beyond our outstanding roster of decor experts, we welcomed special guests to share their design expertise.

We had one of our most fantastically festive Holiday Weeks yet, when design superstars like Genevieve Gorder, Tommy Smythe, and Hilary Farr showed us how they deck the halls.

Throughout the season we also gleaned handy tips and tricks with pros like Mike Holmes, the Property Brothers, Cousins on Call and Scott McGillivray.

4. Wondrous (and sometimes wacky) workouts



Working out isn't always fun, but when you've got fitness trainers like we do, you may find yourself laughing your way to good health.

We have to say our abs are still sore from all the giggling we did when Assata brought jazzersize back into our lives, above.

5. Fashion icons

There's only one Jeanne Beker, and we were thrilled to welcome our friend and fashion icon to show off her EDIT fashion line. She also took time out to answer questions from our audience, above.

Meanwhile, Kimberley Newport-Mimran brought her Pink Tartan fashions to the show not once, but twice, showing off hot looks for every season.

And of course we can't forget our very own Erica Wark, who brought impressive — and often inexpensive — fashions to our runway time and time again. We loved the glam looks during her star-inspired Oscars fashion show!

6. Foodies rejoice!

Our taste buds went into overdrive this season with all the big-name chefs who brought big time flavour to the kitchen.

From Chloe Coscarelli's vegan desserts to Chuck Hughes' warm dish for a cold night and Chef Lynn Crawford's one-pot wonder, we were constantly reaching for seconds!

We also loved welcoming chefs Daniel Boulud, Rocco DiSpirito and Curtis Stone, above.

7. Amazing transformations

We love ourselves a good makeover, and our stylish beauty experts kicked into high gear this year turning lovely ladies into absolute knockouts. Styling sisters, high school sweethearts, an Alpaca queen, and prom-ready princesses all got beautiful new looks.

But no one's story touched us quite like Lana Hill's, above. We were honoured she shared it with us, and ecstatic to give her some pampering.

8. Fun with animals

Fun with animals

When it comes to the wonderful world of canines, you can't top the Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan, who stopped by to teach us a few tricks with our dog Maxi.

From there, things got a little more exotic (and mildly terrifying), like the day Chris found himself holding a tarantula, or when Steven wore a boa constrictor as a fashion accessory.

9. More than a few surprises

Some days even we don't know what we're getting ourselves into on the show, and that's what makes it so fun. We never quite know what's going to come out of the Angels mouths, for example, though we're usually pretty sure it will end in hysterics.

More than once things got a little explosive in the studio (and no we're not talking about the Parenting Panel's latest debate). Who could forget the mess we made when performing a few mad science experiments?

Oh, and then there was the whole pie-in-the-face gag Chris pulled on Steven, above. How can Steven top that in season seven?

10. Our contributors and fans

Steven and Chris contributors

Our amazing roster of experts never ceases to amaze us with their impressive expertise from food to health, beauty to decor. Their enthusiasm's only matched by our audience in-studio and at home. Thanks so much to all of you for another fantastic season!


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