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Eat Your Way to a Better Sleep

Do you often have trouble sleeping? Ever thought it might have something to do with what you're eating? Holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy suggests these delicious ways to eat your way to a better night's sleep.



Sleepy Time London Fog

Chamomile helps relax your nervous system, which makes it great before bed. TIP: adding a little coconut milk and honey will keep you satisfied and stop you from reaching for that unhealthy late-night snack.

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Pear and Almond Butter Stacks 

Craving something more substanital than tea before bed? Try this snack! The sleep ingredient here is almond butter. It's easily digestible so your body will not be working overtime at night. Pair this with the complex carbohydrate of pears, and you have a delicious and filling snack.

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Key Lime Pudding

If something sweet is your nighttime craving, try out this key lime pudding. The sleep-inducing ingredient is avocado, which helps regulate your blood sugar (imbalanced blood sugar can get in the way of a good night's sleep). Make this pudding by combing 1 avocado, a splash of lime juice and honey. Purée until smooth and top with toasted coconut.

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Serene Smoothie

This smoothie has what Joy calls nature's chill pill: magnesium, which comes from the banana. Get the full serene smoothie recipe »

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