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What is Your Body Telling You?


Bruce Wylde, Homeopathic Doctor, Functional Medicine Nutritionist and host of Wylde On Health, chatted with Steven and Chris about physical signs your body is giving you that something is wrong.  He broke it down, by body part and offered up some solutions or the next steps to take if you're experiencing those symptoms.

Watch this segment in Episode 138.


Sympton: Dark Circles, puffiness, or redness.

Answer: A possibility of food sensitivities.

Solution:  Try a B12 and an immune modulator like moducare.  Also, get blood work testing for IGG/IGE food sensitivities.

Symptom: Yellow of the white of the eyes

Answer: This means that you are likely having problems with your liver.

Solution: Detoxify/Cleanse for a minimum of 1 month.  Check your liver enzymes with a general practitioner.

Sympton: White spots on your finger nails.

Answer: This means a possible zinc deficiency

Solution:  Zinc supplementation until you are positive on a zinc tally test and eat more nuts, seeds (like pumpkin).

Symptom: "Beau's line" (deep grooved lines that run from side to side on the fingernail.)

Answer: This likely means a calcium deficiency or problem with absorption or malnutrition.

Solution: Calcium deficiency requires calcium supplementation and/or dark green veggies.

Sympton: Skin tags.

Answer: Often a precursor to blood sugar imbalances.

Solution:  The taking of Chromium and Vanadium supplements is recommended.  Also adopting a Glycemic Index diet.

Symptom: Acne on the jawline or forehead.

Answer: Could be a sign of sign of poor digestion/stomach acid deficiency.

Solution: It would be recommended to have hormonal evaluation by specific testing: blood, saliva and urine. You can also use evening primrose oil, Vitex, and chamelarium luteum (all herbs).

Symptom: Dry skin/eczema.

Answer:  A sign that you may be lacking in fatty acids/omega 3

Solution: You should test blood levels of Omega-3 (pin prick test), supplement with Fish Oils and eat more clean, cold water fish, walnuts and almonds.


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