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Tosca’s Tips to Kick the Sugar

Healthy living expert Tosca Reno says its never to late to get on a healthy lifestyle path. This month, Tosca challenges you to kick sugar out of your life with these four steps.

Tosca's Tips To Kick The Sugar

1. Keep track of how much sugar you eat

Record everything from the sugar in your coffee to sugars hidden in foods (This may mean writing everything down as some people don't know what sugar is).

Dont forget the common every day foods that you dont think contain sugar:

  • Frozen dinners
  • processed deli meats
  • condiments
  • canned soups

2. Restrict your alcohol consumption

Alcohol is a form of sugar that can cause your body to pack on the pounds.

Tosca's favorite cocktails are a glass of red wine or simply Chopin vodka on the rocks. If she's going to celebrate, she'll have a glass of champagne, as she did when she recently won a bikini contest.

3. Get rid of high sugar items from your pantry

Start by getting rid of just three items. The hardest item Tosca had to get rid of was peanut butter. Some common high-sugar items include:

  • crackers
  • commercial peanut butters
  • cereals
  • cookies and other packaged "treats"

4. Replace one sugary drink a day

A glass of water assimilates macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, and flushes out toxins and waste.

If you're craving something bubbly or sweet, try sparkling water with a wedge of citrus.

There is an amazing selection of naturally flavoured teas that really hit the "sweet" spot, and are better for you than sugary drinks.


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