Superfoods for 2014

Move over chia seeds! New foods are here to take the title of being this year's superfoods. Peggy K takes us through these foods, which are nutrient-dense, multi-tasking and great for your health. So go on, browse through some new foods you can add to your diet this year.

Maple Water

2014 Superfoods: Maple Water

Coconut water was once the rage but it'll soon be maple water. Research has found that maple sap contains 46 essential nutrients, a range of vitamins, minerals, amino and organic acids, prebiotics and polyphenols. So pour some into your smoothie or use it for sautéing vegetables. 

Aronia Berries

2014 Superfoods: Aronia Berries

Native to North America, this superfood is good for blood sugar balancing and helps regulate your body's natural production of insulin, which makes it great for diabetics. Aronia berries contain anti-oxidants and are also rich in anthocyanins which reduce inflammation, keeping your skin looking young and the mind young and sharp.


2014 Superfoods: Freekeh

Move over quinoa, Freekeh is the new superfood you want to try this year. This ancient grain has four times the amount of fibre compared to brown rice and is super high in protein. It's rich in oligosaccharides, which is a pre-biotic fibre that helps keep the gut and digestive system healthy. Note: It is not gluten-free, so celiacs watch out. 

Fermented Foods

2014 Superfoods: Fermented Foods

Instead of greek yogurt why not try kefir? Fermented foods are foods that have gone through a fermentation process. This transformation provides a superior food, rich in friendly flora, and enzymes that are extremely beneficial to the health of the colon and the entire digestive tract. So load up on that kimchee or raw sauerkraut. 


2014 Superfoods: Chickpeas

Chickpeas are definitely emerging as a superfood because of its versatility for usage and health benefits. It's naturally nut-free, high in fibre and protein and lends itself to chips, butter, crackers and even milk!


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