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Spring Into a New Workout


Searching for some new moves to incorporate into your workout routine this spring? Then look no further than our resident fitness experts Assata McKenzie, Sarah Robichaud, and Jana Webb, who've got great — and fun — ideas for everyone.

Hula Hoop Total Body Workout

Hula hooping in the park isn't just a fad — it's also a great way to give your body a workout! Here, Assata shows us how to work out from head to toe using this inexpensive tool.



Secretly Working Out Your Butt

Sarah proves it's possible to work out our back sides while completing everyday tasks like mopping the floors and putting away groceries. You won't look at spring cleaning the same way again!



Body-Slimming Yoga

The best yoga moves to help you slim down? Jana says to try these out, since they build heat into the body and bring the heart rate to a pace where you're in a fat-burning zone.




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