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Spring Fever Sex

Spring has sprung but it's not just flowers that are blossoming. Our sexologist Robin Millhausen explains how our sex drives blossom too!

Spring Fever Sex

People have a lot of sex in the spring! A study of birth rates in northern climates found peak conception rates in late spring, early summer. Another study found 26 percent more sex happens in May and June compared to January and February.

So, how does one really amp up their spring fever sex? Robin has a few ideas.

If you're single: Go out more with girlfriends and start dating

Make a clean break from those who kept you warm during the winter months: you don't need them anymore. Being mentally detached will help open doors to new sexual adventures and perhaps even love.

If you're dating: Spring clean your underwear drawer and bring back the quickie

Throw out old and ratty pieces living in your drawer and treat yourself to new lingerie. Also, why not bring back the quickie? Life is busy and stressful, but don't underestimate the value of connecting sexually to rejuvenate your relationship and enhance mental health.

If you're married: Take inventory, switch things up and sleep naked

Ask yourself: Are you fulfilled, meeting your sexual needs, and connecting with your partner the way you'd like? Make a fresh start this spring by making a list with your partner on things you can improve or change.

No more initiating when one person is likely to be tired and don't have sex at the same old time, in the same old way. Schedule in new times to have sex, try new positions or new toys. Try anything to make it fresh and exciting.

Sleeping naked will help you get more comfortable with your body. By celebrating nudity, it will excite your partner. No more covering up!


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