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Serious About Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is one of the fastest growing fitness trends on the planet. Fitness expert Jonathan Farber passed by to show us the moves!

1. Spin Up


In this drill, we will dramatically increase our pedal stroke count from a slower and comfortable 80 rpm to over 120 rpm. The goal is to avoid bouncing in the saddle, which highlights an inefficient pedal stroke and possibly a core strength weakness.

2. Power Start Drill


Starting in a standing position, with dominant leg forward and foot at 3 o'clock position and at a complete stop, we jump on the pedal and get our cadence as fast as possible for 15 seconds max.

3. Slow Cadence Drill


This is where we work on strength in the key cycling muscles: quads, glutes, hamstrings and gastrocs. We simulate a steep climb using big resistance, and a cadence starting at 65 rpm.


Video: Spin Up

Video: Power Start Drill

Video: Slow Cadence Drill

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