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Portable Fitness Products

Chris's Angels test portable fitness products that you can use at home!


1. Taylor - Pur Air Athletics Balance Disc $19.99 Online

Claims: Improves balance and strengthens core, increases intensity when stretching or doing lunges.

The Verdict: All the Angels agreed that this is a great product at a great price point!

2. Cher - Tony Little's The Easy Shaper $49.99 Online

Claims: The greatest fitness product in the last 20 years! Over 100 body shaping exercises, lightweight and snaps apart in seconds!

The Verdict: Cher loved this product, while Joanne and Cher were undecided.

3. Joanne - Hoopnotica $59.00 Online

Claims: Hollywood's hottest workout - an intense exercise program for adults that can improve cardio, tone muscles, increase flexibility, trim waists and tighten abs!

The Verdict: All the Angels loved this product, but thought it was priced way too high!


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