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Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas


In case your mom's not the type to tell you exactly what she wants for Mother's Day, kick off her special day with some marvelous brunch ideas that she'll love.




Give your mom the feel of a decadent bistro brunch right at home! These gluten free pancakes by Joy McCarthy are fluffy and fulfilling.

Get the recipe for Coconut Flour Banana Pancakes

:::Brunch Recipe: Coconut Flour Banana Pancakes | Steven and Chris::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/eggs-benedict.jpg:::

Toasted English muffins, topped with savoury peameal bacon, gently poached eggs and topped with a decadent hollandaise sauce — this eggs Benedict recipe from Chef Michael Clive makes for a classic brunch dish!

Get the recipe for Decadent Eggs Benedict

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These berry and mascarpone-filled crepes from Chef Michael Clive are just right for a special breakfast or brunch. Be sure to let the crepe batter rest, refrigerated, for at least one hour to guarantee crepes that won't rip or tear while frying.

Get the recipe for Mixed Berry and Mascarpone Crepes

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This version of French toast from Chef Voula Halliday is a stuffed sensation. Classic flavours of banana, coconut and chocolate are combined to delight.

Get the recipe for Banana-Stuffed Coconut French Toast

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With all this food, you can't leave mom feeling thirsty. Treat her to this light and refreshing wine punch from Stefano Faita.

Get the recipe for White Sangria with Raspberries

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The kids are gonna want to get in on this super-easy recipe from Stefano Faita. Pancakes stuffed with banana and peanut butter and drizzled with maple syrup — what's not to love?

Get the recipe for Pancake Boats with Peanut Butter and Banana

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Mom deserves the best, and that means perfectly cook scrambled eggs. Here's how to get them just right every time. Quick tip: the key is low heat and patience!

Get the recipe for Perfectly Scrambled Eggs

:::Brunch Recipe: Perfectly Scrambled Eggs | Steven and Chris::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/diy-eggshell-floral-arrangement.jpg:::

You've cracked your eggs and scrambled them, so what's next? Save your eggshells and step up your presentation game with these easy and frugal floral arrangement DIYs — mom will love that you took that extra step to pretty up the table setting.

Get inspired by these 3 Easy Floral Arrangements

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You can't go wrong with blueberry muffins. This recipe from Stefano Faita will have mom reaching for another!

Get the recipe for Blueberry Muffin

:::Brunch Recipe: Blueberry Muffins | Steven and Chris::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/berry-waffles.jpg:::

A sweet way to top off waffles for your sweet mom! This berry and mascarpone topping from Stefano Faita is rich and creamy.

Get the recipe for Waffles with Berry and Mascarpone Topping

:::Brunch Recipe: Waffles with Berry and Mascarpone Topping | Steven and Chris::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/steak-and-eggs.jpg:::

If mom wants to indulge in a more savoury brunch meal, go for this steak and eggs griddle plate from Stefano Faita.

Get the recipe for Steak & Eggs Griddle Breakfast

:::Brunch Recipe: Steak & Eggs Griddle Breakfast | Steven and Chris::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/mothers-day-table-setting.jpg:::

Pull the whole Mother's Day brunch together with this fresh and pretty DIY place setting.

  1. You can buy the paper doilies from a discount or craft store and you can actually paint them with any acrylic paint. Or, we found these great vintage cloth doilies from the antique market; you may even have some around your home!
  2. We used fabric dye to add color to our table setting and dye these doilies.
  3. The larger doily will be placed under each dinner plate and the smaller doily will be placed on the dinner plate, so the salad plate sits on top doily.
  4. Add fresh flowers such as tulips or daffodils to each individual place setting.
    1. :::Brunch Ideas: DIY Place Setting | Steven and Chris::: /stevenandchris/content/images/__common/_slideshow/_fullslide/pots-sink.jpg:::

      While mom's enjoying the beautiful brush you've whipped up, you're probably sitting there wondering what you're gonna do about that pot you might have burned. Fear not! We've got the quickest and easiest way to clean your blackened pot back to its shiny former self.

      Watch The Best Way to Clean Burnt Pots and Pans

      :::The Best Way to Clean Burnt Pots and Pans | Steven and Chris:::
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