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Peggy K’s Holiday Cure Alls


During the holidays, we tend to overindulge in every aspect of our lives. So, Peggy K's decided to share with us how to naturally cure what ails you.

Peggy K's Holiday Cure Alls

1. Holiday Hangover

Coconut water is rich in electrolytes that replenishes the minerals that were lost as a result of too much alcohol and dehydration. It hydrates you the quickly and efficiently. Drink it right before bed and first thing in the morning to prevent and get rid of that hangover pronto!

Peggy's tip: Coconut water and vodka makes the best tox and detox cocktail

Chlorella is a green algae that is high in chlorophyll. Studies show that it helps reduce the incidence of hangovers by 97 percent! It helps to detox your liver

2. Bloated Belly

Kombucha contains natural probiotic cultures that keep you regular and bloat-free. Plus it makes a great bubbly. Put some in a champagne flute and sip on it in-between cocktails at a party to keep you feeling less bloated and keep your belly flat.

Celery is a natural diuretic that helps get rid of bloat and water retention.

3. Mall Meltdown

Maca is an adaptogen, which are found in herbs that increase the body's resistance to stress and one's ability to adapt to it. It's also is rich in B-vitamins and Vitamin C which are powerful stress busters.

Savi Seeds is what I call the "happy seeds" as they are high in Omega 3's and Tryptophan, both of which boost your mood. Who couldn't use that during stressful holiday shopping!

4. Festive Fatigue

Bananas contain B vitamins which are energy-boosting and rich in tryptophan, which also boosts our mood! It's a portable, easy-to-eat snack

Vega One is an all-in-one nutritional shake powder. It contains half your daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals, it's loaded in greens, omega 3's, fiber, protein, antioxidants, stress-busting maca and amazing nutrient dense super foods. So basically it ensures everything you need is in your cup!



Peggy K's Holiday Cure Alls


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