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Pan Am Games-Inspired Workouts


The 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games are in full swing — you can feel the excitement across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area! Athletes from all over the Americas have put in countless hours of training for their events in the hopes of winning gold. Whether you have tickets to the games or are watching from home, you too can work up a Pan Am sweat!

1. Adam van Koeverden’s 5-Minute Workout


Four-time Olympic kayak medalist Adam van Koeverden visited earlier this season with a mission: kick Steven and Chris's butt. Luckily, CBC Sports' Scott Russell was there to help the guys through Adam's condensed (but still tough) five minute workout.

Scott Russell, Adam van Koeverden, Chris Hyndman and Steven Sabados working out.

2. Boxing Workout


Thanks to boxing’s full body workout, boxers have one of the most toned frames out there. Fitness expert Assata McKenzie shared four boxing exercises that are easy to learn and will help buff your body.

3. Indoor Cycling


During track cycling events, athletes can reach speeds around 80 kilometres per hour! Although the confines of your home are no racing track, you can still get a great cardio workout with a stationary bike.

Bonus: Wheelchair Basketball Lessons


Wheelchair basketball world champion Adam Lancia introduced Steven, Chris and Scott to his thrilling sport.

Although it took some time for the guys (especially Chris) to get the hang of it, everyone eventually finished the day with at least one basket.



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