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Online Fitness Tools

Whether you're looking for calorie counters, support groups or just a swift kick in the rear, there's a site out there than can help you achieve your health goals, says web wonder woman Jamey Ordolis. Here are the fittest of the bunch:


Above: still from ThinQ Fitness' Core Abdominal Workout.

For Motivation...

Jamey loves this site. It offers a wealth of health information plus lots of fitness tools you can put to good use. She especially likes the BMI calculator and all the personalized information you can access once you punch in your details.

The Visual MD
This site made us ooh and aah. The 3-D imagery is pretty amazing, and who wouldn't be motivated to lose weight after seeing how their fat is choking their organs?!

For Tools You Can Use...

Register at Livestrong for a sea of free fitness and health tools right at your fingertips. One of Jamey's faves is the MyPlate food diary and tracker. There's a mobile app for this, too, so you can even calorie-count on the road!

ThinQ Fitness
This is just one of many YouTube channels that features a ton of quality exercise videos in one spot. We especially love ThinQ Fitness' cheerleading workout! It's guaranteed to get your heart a-pumpin'!

For Encouragement and Support...

Live Right Now
CBC is looking for the Live Right Now Capital of Canada! What community best embodies the Live Right Now spirit? What are the people in that community doing together to eat better and move more? Join through Facebook to connect with and learn from others who are on track to live right now.

bio_jamey_online_fitness.jpgJamey Ordolis is the host and senior producer of CBC's interactive entertainment property, CBC Live and co-creator/editor of Empirella, a site dedicated to modern working women.


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