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Luscious Legs Workout

Jogi Jana Webb shares her secrets for fitter, more fabulous legs!

Toe Balance Sequence

Come to a standing position with feet hip-distance apart. Reach your arms forward, shoulder height, for balance. Face palms down and rise onto the metatarsals (balls) of the feet; release heels back down to the floor. Repeat five times. Next, hold balance on the toes and bend into the knees as if to sit. Hold for six to eight breaths. To come out of the pose, inhale to lift pelvic-floor wall and begin to extend legs. Release heels back to floor.

Next, come to stand on the metatarsals again, but this time, start with the knees together, squeezing as if there were coin between them. Continue to squeeze the knees together as you bend them as if to sit; try to keep the spine as vertical as possible. Once you've reached full range of motion, open the knees back up to hip-distance apart, then close them again, working the adductor line (inner thighs). Repeat five times, then hold static with the knees together for six to eight breaths. To come out of the pose, press into feet and open the knees as you begin to extend the legs. Return to standing.

Airplane Sequence

Begin in a standing position with feet together and arms out to the side for balance. Press into right foot and lift left leg up to hip height. Move left foot from plantar to dorsi-flexion five times, then hold statically with left foot in dorsi-flex. Keep the pelvis neutral, standing leg active, core engaged and elevated leg extended. Hold for six to eight breaths.

From the one-legged position, lean forward with the torso, bringing elevated leg though centre and then reach it behind as the torso comes parallel to the floor. Keeping the pelvis and the shoulder girdle neutral, move elevated foot from plantar to dorsi-flexion five times, then hold with foot in plantar flexion, activating the adductor line. Standing leg is engaged, quadriceps are active. Hold for six to eight breaths. Come back to standing. Repeat on other side.

Warrior II Sequence

Start in a standing position. Step left foot back four or five feet. Keep front foot forward so that second toe, knee and hip are in alignment and knee is bent so that the front shin is straight up and down; turn back foot in slightly; heels of both feet should be aligned. Extend arms out at shoulder height, palms face down. As you inhale, extend (straighten) right leg, as you exhale flex (bend) right knee. Repeat five time; then hold statically with front knee bent for six to eight breaths.

Keeping legs as they are, open palms and shift body weight forward on the exhale. Reach right arm down on the inner line of the right leg and reach left arm towards ceiling (extended right angle) and hold for a breath. Inhale and lift torso back upright to warrior II. On the exhale, deepen the bend of the front knee. On the inhale, drop left arm towards left leg and reach right arm toward the ceiling (reverse warrior). Exhale back to warrior II. Repeat five times and change sides.


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