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Low-Sodium Supper

Low-Sodium Supper


Our PC Blue Menu panelists Dr. Ali Zentner and chef Therese DeGrace reveal why less salt means better health and share a delicious menu that replaces sodium with herbs and garlic for lots of flavour!

Sodium Savvy

  • The average person consumes about 3,500 mg of salt per day. That's more than double the suggested daily intake (about 1,500 mg) and still tops the max recommendation of 2,400 mg per day. Over the course of a year, that's a whopping 4 1/2 cups of salt!
  • A diet high in sodium significantly increases the risk of high blood pressure, which is a leading cause of heart disease and stroke.
  • The majority of salt in the North American diet comes from restaurant and processed foods. A great way to reduce your sodium intake is to cook for yourself so you can control how much salt is used. Also, choose low- or reduced-sodium products at the grocery store. And, of course, always read nutrition labels to help you make more informed choices.

Low-sodium pan-roasted chicken breast.

Pan-Roasted Chicken

Any chef worth their salt in the kitchen should master the art of pan-roasting. Fortunately, it couldn't be easier!

Low-sodium quinoa risotto.

Quinoa Risotto

A garden of herbs guarantees fresh flavour in every bite—even without the salt!

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