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Low-Cal Meal Options

Making the best decision is sometimes difficult, especially when it comes to selecting healthy meal options. Nutritionist Theresa Albert makes it a bit easier by helping us pick out the best choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Do you think you know how many calories are really in your meals? Take the quiz below, then read on for healthy-eating tips for every meal!

  1. Which breakfast options has the least calories?
  2. a. bagel with cream cheese
    b. egg white omelette with a slice of whole wheat toast
    c. banana berry protein shake

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  3. What lunch option has the least calories?
  4. a. beef and brown rice stir fry
    b. California sushi roll
    c. cranberry pecan salad

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  5. What dinner dish has the least calories?
  6. a. whole wheat fettuccine in light alfredo sauce
    b. chicken souvlaki wrap
    c. Thai-spiced chicken and carrot stew with coconut milk

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  • The egg white omelet is the winner because it will keep you fuller for a longer period of time. You can make a whole skillet full and keep it in the fridge for 3 days which also makes it the speedy choice!
  • If you are a sucker for smoothies, try to use skim milk, low fat yoghurt and make sure your protein powder contains no added fat, no added sugar.
  • Also use fruits low in calories like berries and citrus. Try to avoid fruits high in sugar like bananas, pineapple and cherries.


  • The key here is to look at which meal will keep you fullest longer for fewest calories.
  • Beef and brown rice is high in protein and high in fiber. That makes it low on the glycemic index which means it will burn slowly.
  • Salads that contain dried fruit contain a large amount of calories. Dried fruits are high in sugar and nuts are high in fat. Substitute the pecans for roasted chick peas.
  • Try adding slices of fresh strawberries to satisfy that sweet tooth.
  • Ditch the raspberry vinaigrette and stick to 1 tsp olive oil and balsamic with a squeeze of lemon.


  • The stew is loaded with vegetables and protein. The broth for the stew can be kept low in calories and fat.
  • Chicken Souvlaki is a great choice but it is the WRAP that will kill you. Ditch the wrap and load up on veggies.
  • Use Greek yogurt without any gelatin and you'll get 2x the calcium and protein
  • Also try a low fat feta and only a small amount. If you turn this option around, it comes out ahead as the clear winner.


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