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Learn How to Run


Whether you're a beginner at running or still just thinking about it, it's important to start out right to prevent injuries. Author and running coach Ben Kaplan takes us through the basics of running with some tips to consider before lacing up. 


1. Set a Goal

You first need to decide why you're running. Whether you decide you want to run a 10k or get back in shape for the summer, having a goal will help you see it through and keep your focus, especially during those times when you lose motivation. Your goals will push you at key moments. By signing up for your first 5K, perhaps 10 weeks from now, you'll have incentive to keep up your hard work.

2. Just Try It

People tend to make excuses like "I'm not a runner" or "Running is not for me." That's not true because you'll never know till you've tried it. Whether you're running to the subway or running around the park, you're running! Debunk the myths and just try it. You don't need fancy gear or a heart monitor to start running, so don't let those things stop you.

3. Take It Slow

Running seems easy, and it is, but you need to build stamina and endurance to make it last. Start with achievable goals and build on them. Don't try running a half marathon on your first day. 

4. Make a Schedule

You're more likely to go running if you have a schedule. But you don't have to make it crazy. Mark two or three days of the week in the calendar that you'll go running — say every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — and stick to it.

Proper Running Posture


Your head should always be up with your eyes looking ahead. Your body tends to go where your eyes look. 


Elbows tucked in. No twists and turns. Keep your arms lose and remember not to ball up your fists. No clenching!


Again, dont twist and turn. Try and stay aerodynamic.


Keep your back straight. Don't spend time either on the ground or in the air.


Eighty-five per cent of people land on their heel, and that's okay. Just make sure you land with your feet under your knees. You don't want to jump or hop. But once you've had some practice, you can aim to land on the balls of your feet instead.


Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. You will have to practice if it doesn't come naturally. It's okay to walk, catch your breath, then start running again. Try walking for three minutes and running for two minutes. Don't push yourself to a point where you'll start hating it — everyone's at different points when it comes to stamina. Bring a watch, test different ways and keep improving upon it.

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