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Healthy Food Options

Dietitian Tina Stewart shares some of her personal favourite healthy foods she recommends we incorporate into our diets.

Granola Shopping Tips

  • Granola in general tends to be higher in fat (often the good fats) when compared to other cereals.
  • Be sure to read the nutrition facts panel on the package. Look for high fibre options and watch your portion sizes!
  • Look out for serving sizes. It is approx 2/3 cup or 55 grams.

Greek Yogurt Shopping Tips

  • There are lots of options out there but you should pay attention to the fat content on the label and choose reduced fat options like 0 percent or 2 percent.
  • Tina recommends 0 percent milk fat plain because of its versatility.

Dried Beans Shopping Tips

  • Look for dried pulses that have no salt, as they truly are the dried version of the legume. They also take longer to prepare, so keep that in mind.
  • If buying canned, look for "no salt added" types. Or if you need to buy canned that have salt added, be sure to rinse them before using in your recipe or meal.

PC Blue Menu Wild Hoki Shopping Tips

  • Look for wild hoki in the frozen fish section. When buying frozen fish, look for reduced sodium versions.

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