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Healthy Eyes

Dr. Jason Hershorn came in to talk about some common eye myths - and how to keep our eyes healthy.

1. Eating carrots will improve your vision
2. Sitting too close to the TV will damage your eyes
3. You only need an eye exam if you have an eye problem
4. Children will outgrow crossed or misaligned eyes
5. Contact lenses can prevent nearsightedness from getting worse

About Jason M. Hershorn, B.Sc., O.D., Optometrist
Dr. Jason Hershorn has been serving the eye care needs in the Toronto area since 2002. He also uses his education, experience and excellent clinical skills at other office locations in Ajax with Dr. Kevin Tyber, and in Scarborough with Drs. Stein and Cheskes, ophthalmologists, at the Bochner Eye Institute. He enjoys providing complete family eye care, sees patients of all ages, and reminds parents to have their child's eyes examined by age 3. Visit him online at: http://www.stclairoptometry.com/index.html


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