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Surprising Health Benefits of Regular Sex

Dr. Ali Zentner joined us in studio to share some of the unexpected health benefits of a great sex life.

Health benefits of sex

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Reduced Cancer Risk

Several studies have shown that men who ejaculate more frequently have a reduced incidence of prostate cancer.  

Better Heart Health

A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology showed men who participated in intercourse twice or more per week were 45 per cent less likely to develop heart disease than men who had sex once a month or less.

Boosted Immunity

Scientists at Wilkes University discovered that those who had sex once or twice a week had higher levels of Immunoglobin A, which can protect against some colds and infections.

More Calories Burned

Thirty minutes of sex can burn 85 calories or more

Better Sleep

Oxytocin produced during orgasm can make you both more relaxed and sleepy, setting your body up for a good slumber.

Stress Relief

Sex has been proven to lower blood pressure in women. Studies also indicate a relationship between intercourse and an improved response to stressful situations.


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