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Grocery Guide to Fighting Cancer

Are you stocking up on cancer-fighting foods when you grocery shop? Dietitian Sue Mah shows us the must-have items that should be in everyone's shopping cart!

Vegetable Aisle

When you go down the vegetable aisle, make sure you add broccoli and garlic to your cart.

Cancer-Fighting Vegetables

Broccoli belong to the Cruciferous family and have been shown to lower your risk of stomach and colon cancers. Other members of this family are kale, bok choy and watercress.

Garlic may be linked to lower risk for stomach, colon and esophagus cancers.

**Eating a lot of different fruits and vegetables is one of your best defenses against cancer. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and thousands of phytonutrients (a.k.a. plant nutrients). Phytonutrients keep the plant healthy and when we eat them, they keep us healthy too.

Fruit Aisle

When you go down the fruit aisle, make sure you add blueberries to your cart.

Cancer-Fighting Fruit

When you can, eat the skins on different fruit to get fibre. Go for the whole fruit when at the grocery store instead of just the juice.

Dairy Aisle

When you go down the dairy aisle, make sure you add milk to your cart.

Cancer-Fighting Milk

According to a report from the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer that looks at the role of diet and lifestyle on cancer prevention, there is evidence to show milk probably protects against colorectal cancer.

Milk can prevent and impact the growth of very early stage tumours in colon cancer.

Spice Aisle

When you go down the spice aisle, make sure you add tumeric to your cart.

Cancer-Fighting Spices

Turmeric is a bright yellow powder; also known as "Indian saffron." It is a staple in India where they eat on average 1.5 to 2 grams per day.

There's turmeric in mustard, but we would have to eat 4 kg of mustard to get the same amount of turmeric that a person in India would typically eat every day!

The main active ingredient in turmeric is called curcumin, and it gives turmeric its bright yellow colour.

Turmeric may help block the growth of stomach, and colon cancers. To increase our body's absorption of curcumin, add pepper to the recipe because pepper increases its absorption by 1000x!

Baking Aisle

When you go down the baking aisle, make sure you add dark chocolate to your cart.

Cancer-Fighting Baking Ingredients

Dark chocolate contains special phytonutrients called polyphenols which can play a role in heart health as well as cancer prevention. To get the highest amount of these phytonutrients, look for dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa.

Dark chocolate contains about three times more phytonutrients than milk chocolate. Remember that the calories in chocolate can add up quickly, so keep your serving to 1 ounce or about 30-40 grams a day.


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