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Great Sex After 50

Ladies and gentlemen, fear not! It's possible to have great sex after 50. Our sexologist Robin Milhausen has some great tips to reboot the love in the bedroom.

Great Sex After 50

See your doctor

Make an appointment with your doctor about menopausal symptoms, and about post-menopause health concerns. There may be treatments for nonsexual problems (e.g. difficulty sleeping), which can positively impact your sex life.

Make lubricant your best friend

It helps minimize discomfort and make sex more fun, and also comes in many flavours and types, so there are a myriad of options.

Appreciate your body

Older women with more positive body image are more likely to participate in a range of sexual activities (and variety is the spice of life). They are also more likely to have high desire, and more frequent orgasms.

Work on your relationship

In one study, being in love was a strong predictor of great sex in later life. Sexual satisfaction was associated with intimacy and communication in relationships.

Think positively!

There are many things in your favour for greater sex later in life. You're likely in a longer-term relationship (which means more comfort and stability), and you have a more mature partner. These factors together mean you can work together to create a sexual life that's fulfilling for both of you. And, as Robin's said before, after the age of 40, men's and women's sexual response cycles come into alignment, meaning more foreplay and less focus on penetrative sex.


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