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Getting Waxed at a Salon? Beware of These Gross Health Risks


If you are going for a professional wax, you get what you pay for. Last month Kristen Wood from The Ten Spot talked about the connection between an ethical and a healthy mani-pedi. But waxing and hair removal needs to be examined with the same keen eye. To protect workers and yourself from inferior health and safety standards, pick a spa where quality is a priority, and where prices are reasonable but never cheap.

Bikini wax health risks
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Top Three Waxing Health Risks to Watch For

1. Use of Recycled Hard Wax 

Chunks of wax melted down and hair from previous services skimmed off.

2. Re-Using Wax Strips 

Hair is removed by washing strips in hot water.

A sign this is happening is wrinkled wax strips. Blood and bacteria are often on these strips and a cycle in the washing machine is ineffective in killing contaminants.

3. Double Dipping

Double dipping with wax is also very common, since discarding a stick every time you dip hikes up your cost of sale. If a guest has a Brazilian wax, and the technician double dips — all of the dead skin cells, blood, sweat, etc. that is on that stick will contaminate all of the wax which is then used again on the next customer who could be booked for an upper lip wax. If you walk in and see a used stick on top of the pot, turn around and walk away!

Note: If they use a fresh stick on you, but then keep double dipping — they are doing that to everyone. Make sure your salon sticks to one stick (or one side of the stick) per dip in the pot.


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