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Get a Natural Energy Boost

So many of us feel low on energy and stamina but alternative health expert Bryce Wylde says we can change all that from the inside out.


The cell is the building block that makes up all living things, so the better you take care of your cells the more energy you'll have. Mitochondria provide the energy a cell needs to move, divide, and function. They convert oxygen, and the sugar, fat and proten from foods to useable energy. The body then uses that energy for daily function and growth.

In short, mitochondria are the power centre of the cell and produce the very important Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP molecules act as a kind of currency, imparting chemical energy to power all the functional components of cellular activity. Not everyone creates the same amount of ATP, as it can vary based on your metabolism. Everyone can fuel their mitochondria, however, and retrain it so you're creating more energy at the cellular level. Here's how.

Step One: Eat Better

Start eating the colours of the rainbow, right now! No more excuses. The better you eat the more energy your cells will create.

Step Two: Exercise More

One great way to do this is to align yourself to a cause. So many people lack motivation for exercise, but if you can find a cause that you're passionate about it may help get you moving. Organizations plans walk-a-thons, marathons, even bowl-a-thons. If you're passionate about animals, get involved with organizations that help animals and get out of the house.

Step Three: Supplement

Introduce three of the best studied supplements into your daily routine: Ubiquinol, Carnitine, and ALA (alpha lipoic acid). These will help to fuel your mitochondria.

Step Four: Sleep Well

Exercise is the best all-natural cure for a good night sleep. But you can also supplement with pumpkin seed extract or griffonia seed extract.

Step Five: Manage Stress

Try forest bathing, which combines two concepts: a leisurely walk in the woods while breathing the aromatic scent of trees and nature. Meditation is the key here and you need to slow your heart rate to "optimal congruence."


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